Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Complex community facilities (language schools, cafes, book shops, co-working spaces, etc.)
About 500m²
Daisuke Shima

A store that offers unprecedented connections between people around the world. As a new development of stores in Hokkaido, we proposed the design of the Kyoto store. We provide eight facilities such as cafes, language schools, co-working spaces, etc. so that new generations and different types of business can meet each other. As a form of representing eight around the reception counter and cafe, which is the central part of the facility The octagon is studded with octagon custom bracket lighting etc. The book shop is located on the side centering on the reception counter and cafe in the center, and the floor is raised so that the area around it can be used as a stage, so that the self-study counter and coworking space can be seen. There, we arranged for various events. Classrooms have been set up on both sides so that language schools, self-study, and private work can be performed in each country. It was designed to be a common memory background for people who used it as a place to find various new opportunity to meet.